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This is an ongoing project (of scanning, etc.) which will take some time. I hope that eventually all my older articles (especially those in English and Spanish) will be available here. 

When citing these articles, please cite the original source of publication (year, journal or book, as well as page numbers) as mentioned below. These source details are NOT mentioned in the articles themselves. 

In my List of Publications on this website you may find some more information about each article, e.g., if it was given as a paper at a conference. 

If articles do not have references (bibliography) this is because there is a general reference list for a whole book. (I hope to add these references later). 

Especially the older articles have nearly all been scanned. This means that errors may have been made that I may have overlooked. Please help me to trace these errors and report them to me (vandijk at Thanks. 

All files are in .pdf format. This format can be read with the (free) Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from the internet.  

The list of articles below is ordered by year of publication (not of writing). 

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The list of articles below is ordered by year of publication (not of writing).

On the foundations of poetics.

Methodological prolegomena to a generative grammar of literary texts. 

Paper Int. Colloquium ‘Zur wissenschaftstheoretischen Grundlegung der Literaturwissenschaft’, Karlsruhe, 1970.

Poetics 5, 1972, 84-118. 

Some problems of generative poetics.

Paper Int. Symposium on French and Russian semiotics, Nitra (CSSR), 1970.

Poetics 2, 1971, 5-35.

Foundations for Typologies of Texts .

Semiotica (1972) 6(4): 297-323.

Models for text grammars.

Paper 4th Int. Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science. Bucharest, 1971.

Linguistics 105, 1972, 35-68.

A note on linguistic macrostructures.

Paper 7th Linguistic Colloquium, Nijmegen, 1972. In: A.P. Ten Cate & P. Jordens, (Eds.) Linguistische Perspektiven.

Tuebingen: Niemeyer, 1973, 75-87.

Text grammar and Text logic.

Paper int. Symposium on Textlinguistics, ‘Zur Form der textgrammatischen Basis’, Constance, 1972. In: J.S. Petoefi & H. Rieser, (Eds.) Studies in Text Grammar.

Dordrecht: Reidel, 1973, 17-78.

Formal semantics of metaphorical discourse.

Poetics 4, 1975, 173-198.

Action, action description, narrative.

New Literary History 6, 1975, 273-294

Discourse meaning and memory

Review article of W. Kintsch, The Representation of Meaning in Memory. Journal of Reading Behavior 8, 1976, 89-110.

Philosophy of action and theory of narrative.

Poetics 5, 1976, 287-332.

Narrative macrostructures.

Cognitive and logical foundations.

PTL 1, 1976, 547-568. 

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